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Hi There, Thank you for. your interest in joining and providing mental health counselling services through our helpline.

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You probably have a few questions. Here are some answers.

We are a bunch of mental health enthusiasts and realise the silent and much larger mental health pandemic that has been unleashed due to Covid. The aim is to provide any help that we can to someone remotely.

Anyone who needs access to mental or emotional health support for anxiety, grief, trauma or violence counselling.

At this point, its a pro bono effort but we hope to compensate counsellors / therapists fairly in the near future.

Our aim is to make this helpline available for free to the under privileged population and encourage those who can afford it to make a donation so that others can benefit.

Anyone who needs help can call our telephone helpline at 89296 41749

They will then be able to speak with a Therapist / Counsellor

As a Therapist, why should I offer this Pro Bono?

Our aim is provide help and also make therapy accessible.

One of the reasons people aren’t very willing to access / pay for therapy is the value perception – the initial cost seems high and they are worried if it will be worth it.

The first free call usually proves cathartic and once a relationship of trust is built with the Therapist, people are happy to pay.

With the Srishti helpline, we encourage our therapists to share their numbers with callers so that if they need help in the future, it’s accessible.

As a mental health practitioner, we understand that you maybe busier than usual. It will be great if you can devote atleast 1-2 hours per day over 2-3 days in a week.

If you can afford to spend more time, we will be glad to take all the help we can get ?

We have a centralised number from which calls will be forwarded to your phone number during the slots you have picked.

Your phone no will NOT be shared with the callers in the interest of your privacy.

Yes, we recommend maintaining case notes as much as possible. However, you will not be required to share private details with the KarmaGoals team to ensure client-therapist privacy.