7 Simple Suggestions To Deal With Anxiety

There are many reasons why you might feel very anxious nowadays. And googling for solutions might drown you in an avalanche of information. Here are 7 simple suggestions that I have for you. 


Disclaimer: They are very simple. If you are looking for something hard, complex please do not read. 

1. FEELING ANXIOUS IS OK. Anxiety is natural. Heart/pulse races, slight sweating, clouded mind. Not a catastrophe. Feel it. Let it be. It passes, if you let it. Fighting it is like trying to settle muddy water using your hands. The more you try, the worse it gets. So just let it be

But if the anxiety is affecting your ability to function productively…then read on:

2. FOCUS ON ACTION: As your mind goes crazy with scary scenarios, ask “Whatever happens in future, what do I DO next?” Then do it. Repeat.

3. REMIND: If there is nothing to do, and your mind is going crazy, then remind yourself: “It is OK to feel anxious, guilty. But nothing is in my control. I will feel helpless. It is OK too” Breathe deeply, without any expectation. Don’t judge yourself for feeling more or less anxious.

4. DISTRACT OR RELEASE: Watch movies, baby videos, read books, talk to friends, work, write, paint, sing. Anxiety is just neutral energy. In a different context, you might have called it ‘excitement’! But in this case, you have judged it as ‘bad’. So you either need to distract yourself from that ‘bad’ judgement, or use up that energy in doing something.  

5. PREVENTION: Take a break from scary Whatsapp news and frustrating political discussions. You cannot solve overthinking with more thinking. 

6. SEEK HELP: If it is affecting sleep, appetite, energy for more than a few days – don’t analyse. Seek help.

7. Whatever else makes YOU feel better. There is no ‘One size fits all’ formula. The fundamental rule is to reduce effort…rather than increase it.